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Dedicated to Safety

No phase of our operations or management is of higher importance than safety and accident prevention.  Our commitment to safety is confirmed by celebrating our 37th year working at the ExxonMobil Baytown Complex!


Safety Culture

The policy of LWL, Inc. is to provide, and maintain, safe and healthful working conditions free of recognized hazards.  Safety is a profitable priority because accidents result in pain and lost time from work as well as result in job delays, additional costs, waste, personnel problems, and poor public and customer relations.

A truly effective accident prevention program begins with management– and each manager and supervisor is required to be committed to LWL’s safety program and policies.   Each Job Superintendent and Foreman is expected to have regular orientation of all newly-hired employees, as well as newly-transferred employees, to their job site.  Each supervisor is required to have regular, frequent and effective “tool box” safety meetings with their employees.  Each supervisor is expected to have on-the-job safety discipline and to set a good example for their employees to follow.

A large part of safety is attitude and the attitude of LWL is that management, supervisory personnel and employees are pulling together in a cooperative effort to continuously maintain a good safety record.

LWL’s managers and supervisors are expected to keep constantly alert to the possibility of accidents and to do all in their power to minimize such possibilities by detecting and eliminating job hazards.  Each employee is expected to be a safe worker, to keep tools and equipment in good condition and to use required personal protective devices (head and eye protection) in order that all operations are performed in the safest and most effective manner.

ExxonMobil Excellence in Safety Performance (ESP) Award

LWL received ExxonMobil’s Excellence is Safety Performance (ESP) award for being chosen as 1 of 5 Baytown Area’s best performance contractors.

LWL, Inc. boasts a phenomenal safety and accident prevention record.
Our commitment to safety is confirmed by the following accolades.

Houston Business Roundtable's Safety Excellence Award

The Houston Business Roundtable Award is a prestigious award where Client’s actually nominate their top performing contractors.  HBR then implements a very comprehensive safety audit process to determine the top contractor in their prospective field.  The Best of the Best contractors are determined by this audit process.

SOI Gold Award

LWL has been awarded the Safe Operation Index (SOI) Gold Award from ExxonMobil Baytown Complex.  The SOI award is the result of a complete procedure document and field implementation audit.  The audit criteria consists of ExxonMobil and OSHA requirements including an annual audit by the ExxonMobil SOI Audit Team to ensure all Safe Operations Indexes are implemented and being followed by field construction workers.

Safety Recognition

Additional Safety Accolades:

  • Houston Business Roundtable’s Safety Excellence Award Best In Class – Winner

  • Houston Business Roundtable’s Safety Excellence Award – Mentor

  • ExxonMobil Baytown Complex Safe Operations Index Gold Winner

  • ExxonMobil Baytown Complex Excellence In Safety Performance Top Contractor

  • ExxonMobil Baytown Complex Shining Star Award, Leader in Loss Prevention

  • Texas Mutual Insurance Top 200 Company

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